Princeton: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

A 11 week free course on Coursera that covers:
  1. Introduction to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies
  2. How Bitcoin Achieves Decentralization
  3. Mechanics of Bitcoin
  4. How to Store and Use Bitcoins
  5. Bitcoin Mining
  6. Bitcoin and Anonymity
  7. Community, Politics, and Regulation
  8. Alternative Mining Puzzles
  9. Bitcoin as a Platform
  10. Altcoins and the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
  11. The Future of Bitcoin

Stanford: Bitcoin Engineering

Hands-on course. Online version coming soon. Syllabus:
  1. Introduction to Bitcoin
  2. Introduction to Bitcoin Computing
  3. Develop Bitcoin Instagram
  4. Develop Bitcoin Twitter User-monetizable actions
  5. Develop Bitcoin WordPress - User-monetizable content
  6. Develop Bitcoin Linux - User-monetizable command line
  7. Develop Bitcoin Google
  8. Develop Bitcoin Dropbox - Fine-grained monetization

UNIC: Digital Currency

Free MOOC / MSc option. Here is the full list of topics covered.

Khan Academy : Bitcoin

A free course that covers:
  1. Bitcoin Overview
  2. Cryptographic hash functions
  3. Digital signatures
  4. Transaction records
  5. Proof of work
  6. Transaction block chains
  7. The money supply
  8. The security of transaction block chains